Repair and Maintenance

Transformer Services Inc. provides periodic service and scheduled maintenance to help extend the life and improve the reliability of transformers, circuit breakers, switches and other high voltage equipment.

Services include:

Transformers, thru 750MVA at 550KV

  • Replacing pumps, coolers, fans and radiator assemblies
  • Cleaning or replacing bushings
  • Replacing gauges
  • Internal inspection and repairs
  • Re-gasketing
  • Load Tap Changer servicing
  • Electrical testing
  • On-site painting

Circuit Breaker Service

  • Upgrades to electronic trip units
  • Circuit breaker disassembly, cleaning and lubrication
  • Circuit breaker primary and secondary injection test
  • SF6 refill

Circuit Breakers Repairs
In most cases, breaker failure is misdiagnosed as a transformer related problem. This is common for GSU units at windmill generation systems. Our technicians perform preventive maintenance and on-site testing in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Burnishing and adjusting contacts
  • Repairing or replacing faulty subassemblies
  • Breakers retrofitting

More extensive repairs may require taking the faulty item to our repair facility. TSI maintains in its inventory a limited supply of circuit breakers and associated parts.